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SticksNStonesNDinosaurBones © GF NewlandSticks N’ Stones N’ Dinosaur Bones

The Award-Winning Finalist in the “Children’s Non-Fiction” category of the 2014 International Book Awards

Written by Ted Enik Illustrated by G. F. Newland

Here are just a few of the many wonderful reviews of of this, our first book in the Unhinged History Series!
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“An hilarious romp of a hard-to-believe yet true tale, cleverly spun by Ted Enik and charmingly illustrated by G.F. Newland. A book to be enjoyed by dinosaur lovers of all ages!”
Robin Preiss Glasser, illustrator of the Fancy Nancy series

“…this is a book I’d vastly enjoy reading to my three-year-old twins, who are too young to appreciate the intricacies of paleontology but would love to hear more
about a dinosaur ‘Ten Matterhorns high and ten Grand Canyons wide/with squiggles 
and dots decorating its side.’”
Bob Strauss, ABOUT.com-Dinosaurs

“The writing is excellent… Adults will find the saga just as fascinating as children…The book is a fun read for kids, adults, teachers and their students. It also contains a good moral to discuss.”
Elizabeth Franklin, Portland Book Review

“The writing is done in rhyme, which I love because it’s so much fun to read. It flows well and has a nice rhythm. I like all the wacky phrases that the author used, and the made up dinosaurs the characters found. … The illustrations are are just as good as the writing. They are really expressive and chuck full of personality.”
Dena, “Batch of Books” Children’s Book Blog

“The rhyming, rhythmical text is snappy and funny, and… (the) story is supplementedon every page with charming stylistic artwork by G.F. Newland. While Cope and Marsh might have been liberal when erecting new species… Cope did not describe a NeverTopThisOne-Ginormous-asaurus, nor did March announce a WhoAreYouKidding?-Extravaga-saurus. However, I’ve taken these suggestions on board as possibilities if I ever have an opportunity to name another new species of prehistoric reptile myself!
Dr. Adam. S. Smith, Nottingham Natural History Museum (UK), Plesiosauria.com

“Wow! This book is a must read for dinosaur lovers, history buffs, and Everyone else that loves a great story. The illustrations are Wonderful and carry the reader through this Fantastic rhyming story.”
Vicki Long, Amazon “Listmania” Books on Dinosaurs